Kids' Solah Bundle

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Remember how as a child you may have a special nook or den to escape to? It is my hope that our kids can see their prayer mat, or prayer area, as somewhere to learn, gain closeness to Allah, to seek solace.

The SOLAH BUNDLE is a specially curated set that will inspire and nurture a little one’s love of solah, inshaAllah.

In this bundle, you will find:

  1. A prayer mat of your choice

  2. A tasbih garland

  3. Qibla sticker

  4. A 21-day solah tree prayer chart

  5. “Prayer is better than sleep” A6 postcard

  6. A personalised message that will be included in the package

The bundle will be beautifully presented in a box so that it is ready to be gifted.

The PRAYER MAT has been carefully designed and handmade for little ones. I am proud to say they are also non-slip unlike most mats in the market.

The TASBIH GARLAND is perfect for little hands thanks to the larger beads. It is also left unlooped for safety.

Make an activity out of finding the Qibla and explaining why we pray facing the Kabah. Then have your child slap the QIBLA STICKER on the wall or ceiling (with some help of course).

Who doesn’t love a colouring chart? The 21-day SOLAH TREE COLOURING CHART teaches your child responsibility in looking after his tree, but is also suggestive of him/her looking after his/her iman. A green leaf is for a compulsory prayer done on time, a yellow leaf for a late prayer, and a brown leaf for a missed one. If sunnah prayers have been performed that day, it deserves a red apple that can be found hidden among the leaves. At the end of it, what does the tree look like? You can also use this alongside a point system. Perhaps a very green tree will earn a very nice reward!

The POSTCARD makes a lovely reminder that can be framed up for your child’s or the family’s prayer nook.

The bundle comes with a complimentary PERSONALISED MESSAGE service. Please leave the message you require at checkout.



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The package will be wrapped in tissue and presented in a box then sealed in a strong mailer bag before being posted via Royal Mail First Class or Tracked Overseas mail.

Please note you are shopping a PRE-SALES and orders will start shipping out from mid-November inshaAllah.

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• Digitally printed using non-toxic inks on cotton

• Black pre-quilted faux suede backing

• Lightly padded for little foreheads, hands and knees

• Non-slip so more salah and less sliding

• Cute black pompom trim

• Gentle hand wash or spot cleaning recommended instead of machine-washing

• If you need to iron it, please keep heat on the lowest setting

• Measures 45cm x 80cm

• Suitable up to 6 years +

DISCLAIMER I take pride in offering the highest quality products. However please note that as these are handmade, no matter how much care has been taken, there may still be slight imperfections that may only be visible on close inspection.

Please also note that as these are printed on cotton (which has a natural tendency to pill), you may notice tiny flecks that may have been printed then lifted off. This in no way affects the quality and use of the product. However I have excluded any mats with extreme cases of pilling.

Due to the pompom trim on the mats, please take extra care when placing infants on the mat. Please do not leave them unattended.



Natural, unfinished beech wood balls measuring 15mm each

• Total of 33 beads

• Double stranded elastic cord for strength

• Single strand instead of a looped circle for safety

• Natural unfinished birch ply Bismillah tag

• 50% acrylic / 50% wool tassel

• Measures 60cm in total

• Comes with its own natural cotton drawstring bag

DISCLAIMER While care has been taken to make sure the tasbih garland is durable and strong enough to stand up to little toddlers, please note that this is NOT a toy and was intended for introducing zikr to children.

Please also note this should not be used as a teething toy. Although the wood used is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial and it is safe enough to put into baby’s mouth occasionally, this was not the intention. Please exercise care by not leaving infants alone with the tasbih garland as Poppetry will not be liable for any injuries caused from the use of this product in ways it is not intended.



This will be handwritten on a notecard. Please indicate when checking out the message you would like on it. Otherwise, a blank card will be sent.