Our Story

This is not just a prayer mat.


Almost everything I do is for my children. And I believe you can relate.  

I want my children to be good Muslims.

And to do that, they need to foster a closeness to Allah.

What better way to do it than through solah, where we pray and connect to Him 5 times a day, if not more?

But I believe, as with little kids and anything you want them to learn, forcing them to do something, won’t have as long-lasting an effect as getting them to love it. (Try getting a toddler to follow your lead instead of running around or jumping on your back while you’re in prostration!)

So, I want my kids to love solah. I want them to see the prayer mat as a safe space. Not just for prayers, but as a special place to get close to Allah. You know how as kids we may have a nook or a den that we love escaping to, where we dream up adventures, or go to vent our frustrations. This was my intention for my kids when designing the mats. That the mat is a special, familiar place where they can return to again and again, to put their little foreheads on the mat, and ask Allah for anything. 

Because I remember so clearly the first moment I prostrated on my prayer mat in full submission to Allah. It was that moment that made me embrace Islam and changed my life. That same prayer mat of about 17 years was where my moments of despair or loneliness got lifted, where I burst out in tears out of sheer joy and gratitude, and where I could spend a long time doing zikr or learning about the Quran because it felt safe and peaceful. I always made a note to myself that no matter what happens or how I slip in my faith, solah is the most important thing that I must hang onto no matter what.

It’s what gets me through life. And keeps me close to Allah. And I want that for my kids.

But of course, as a designer, and a stickler for details, I had to do it my way. And that’s how my prayer mats came about.

They are designed to be MODERN, TIMELESS, CHIC, & SIMPLE enough to fit in any interior decor. But they are also FUNCTIONAL. And from what I hear, kids love them!  Yay!

I hope you love them too.

May we all raise good little Muslims. Ameen.