for the love of solah


the Solah Bundle

A totally gift-worthy set that has been designed with your little ones (and you) in mind, to inspire the love of solah.

Prayer mat | Tasbih garland | 21-day solah chart | Qibla sticker | Postcard | Personalised note | Beautifully presented in a box

*Bundles will be shipped from mid-November, inshaAllah.

A perfect FIRST prayer mat

Inspire. Nurture. Raise good Muslims.


A4 Iqamah Print PP_PM_IQAMAH_pink_sm_SQ.jpg
A4 Iqamah Print
Kids Tote Bag PP_PM_tote_Sq_sm.jpg
Kids Tote Bag
Secret Message Cloud Brooch
Secret Message Cloud Brooch
21-day Solah Tree Colouring Chart Printable PP_PM_Solah_Blue_SQ_sm.jpg
21-day Solah Tree Colouring Chart Printable
Wood Tasbih Garland PP_PM_Tasbih_grey2_SQ_sm.jpg
Wood Tasbih Garland
QUOTE LOVIN' x POPPETRY solah bundle PP_PM_Tasbih_mint2.jpg
QUOTE LOVIN' x POPPETRY solah bundle
35.00 43.00

“My 2 year old keeps laying it out on the floor and copying us at every chance she gets.”

— H


Salam, I’m May.

Like you, I want to raise my kids up to be good Muslims.

How do you do that? I believe children need to foster a closeness to Allah. And what better way to do it than through solah, when you pray to and connect with Allah 5 times a day, if not more?

Solah is what gets me through life’s ups and downs, and keeps me close to Allah. And I want that for my kids.

So I have designed a prayer mat bundle that is as beautiful as it is functional. InshaAllah it will INSPIRE and NURTURE your children’s love of solah, but without compromising on your home’s aesthetics (You should know by now I am a stickler for details. No mat has been left unturned.)

Give the gift of solah that will keep giving for life.

Follow our journey.